Saturday, May 8, 2010

Review: N.Y. Zombies

Zombies, seriously? Who invented them? I think as long as I remember the idea of Zombies always have existed, just that, in the beginning we at least feared them, nowadays they're like ragdolls put there for us to shoot bullets at them, which ended up being rather fun.

I wasn't expecting much of this game, like I don't of most games in the appstore that use similar selling points (read: killing zombies) in a straight-forward manner. But hey, I got a code so I had nothing to lose. And I found out I was actually losing for NOT having this game.

N.Y.Z. is the typical "omg virus, omg zombies" game which has you put against a normal to read storyline. But well, none of us care about that anymore, do we? All we care about is how it plays, and what the playing is all about. And it is good.

The gameplay is rater simple, you are still in the middle of a map, where, unluckily to you, all the zombies in the world tend to converge. Good thing is, you have weapons, good weapons, upgradable weapons, to allow you to kill more and more of these undead things. To kill them it is just a matter of touching them in screen to shoot/stab/w/e at them, and o that enough times and they'll go down, for the second time. The game's pace is really frantic, specially in the later levels where there are zombies everywhere and you need to prioritize which ones are deadlier/will take longer to get to you in order to survive.

As far as weapons go, there's a VAST selection of them, all of them with 6 upgrading levels, greatly improving their performance in battle. There start with your normal pistol and knife (long and short range) but go all the way to chainsaws and chainguns, not forgetting the ever so lovely grenades that help you kill monsters in groups. But not every upgrade are just your straightforward weapons, added to that there are abilities, like healing and lighting dark areas, and the flare, which lightens up areas so that zombies can be easily spotted.

I am yet to finish campaign, which is a good thing, as it says the game is at least decently sized. And if you ever en up stuck in a level due to its difficulty, you are free to *grind* past levels for money and upgrades, grinding is not ideal, but is a nice way to compensate increasing challenge with the ability to not pull your eyes out of frustration. Campaign wasn't good enough for you? Well, don't complain, there's also a really nice endless mode, not to say varying difficulty modes depending on how gutsy you're feeling.

This game surpassed my expectations, having me hooked in it the moment I started playing. For that reason I have to recommend it for everyone still not tired of zombie shooting, and even for those who are tired, I found this one compelling enough to play just 1 more level, even when it is 1 am and you need to wake up early the next morning.

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