Monday, March 22, 2010

Introduction to the blog

I know I know... There are a thousand of these already all over the internet. Blogs revieweing iTunes AppStore Apps, some succeful ones, most, not really.

I'm gonna do this anyways, not for the fame or fortune, just to really give another view of the apps I'm playing to the visitors, that and to give added value to the Devs that trust me with a promo codes for their games in order to review them. That said, I am not biased, and I can be pretty harsh, which devs should take it as a good thing, and the consumers should as well :p.

I'll update this blog with reviews for games that I get over time, both the ones that I buy or the ones that I get promo codes for. If you're interested in me making a review for an specific app, just let me know through a comment here. If you're interested in me reviewing your game, you can send me a PM at forums (I'm Khamous over there).

I hope you have fun reading my blog, as I enjoy reviewing games. See you in the battlefield

- Khamous

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