Friday, March 26, 2010

Review: Across Age EX

What can I say about this game... When I tried it, was I was thinking at first was "do not think this is a lite, judge it on the end based on impressions and not assumptions" . Can it be considered something more than a lite? Read on.

When you start the game you get greeted by a beautiful video showing a sinopsis of the story, then, in the game itself, it feels like a very polished version of Zelda, everything is pretty and colorful, is nice just to see it all. The battles are simple, the characters auto attack when pushed into an enemy, an the fact the you need to control 2 players gives potential to so many different spins of quests that make you think about Superstar Saga. Everything is very well done.

The problem, though, is in it's lenght, as the game is over before you even completely finish the 1st dungeon, so it doesn't give you the value of the buck, compared to the content of other .99 cents games out in the store. I mean no harm, as the game does feel great, but for .99, I really hope he devs extend the content in the game, to at lest let you finish that 1st dungeon, because, as it feels now, it is a lot like a paid lite instead of being a mini version as they want it to be.

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  1. Thank you for your fair an honest review.