Monday, March 29, 2010

Review: We Rule

To compensate the fact that I (for X reasons that don't really matter) hadn't updated this blog for a while, I shall write 2, quick but substantial (as always) reviews.

So, why "We Rule"?, to be honest, because while I was waiting for Zenonia 2 to be out (reviewed some minutes ago) I decided to give this game a spin, since FB type games tend to serve that purpose very well. So, how does this compares to the likes of Farmvile? Well, we all know by now that if I told you that here, no one would read the next paragraphs.

One thing that this game has going for it, is the graphics, as it is very pretty game, and, not relying in a mouse and with the touch screen, it is way easier to control than any FB game that relies in a computer and, well, on how good your computer is to play ok. It is also deeper than any FB game, because, sure, you start just planting something and waiting x amount of time for it to be able to harvest it and get money, but it also does much more, you can also collect taxes from the houses you have on your kingdom, and also, ngmoco really shows that the strong point is the community interaction. Not only is it easier to get friends here (as, well, you dont have to share your entire life with them by adding them to FB) but also serve a lot more, as you can fill request in several different shops that you can build in you kingdom, giving you all so valuable gold, and ofc, exp. Actually it is so beneficial to do this, that it ends up being way easier leveling through this way, than actually farming your fields. Add to that the fact that when you lose connection to the server you don't have to refresh the game each time, as it does it by itself, and you'll find a game that is fairly better in every way to any game in the same genre.

Do I recommend it? Sure, it is free, and as long as you're not aiming for the top, you should do alright by keeping it cost free. This game obviously has IAP in the name of Mojo, that helps the farms get ready immediately, so clearly richer people will have bigger kingdoms, but this fact is not necessary to fully experience this simple and enjoyable game.

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