Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: Pix'n Love Rush

I think we're getting old. All of us, realy really old. I mean, here we are in a new age where Sony and MS are working their asses out to give us games that look like real life. But what do we do? Once we see a "retro" title, most of us have no choice other than to go and just see it play. I mean, why? Weren't we past that? Like a long time ago? Is it nostalgia? Is is curiosity? Well, I really have no idea what is it, but, hell, keep that retro coming.

Pix'n Love Rush is a game that messes with your nostalgia as much as it wrecks your free time. It is a mainly inspired highscore game, dont worry, OF integration makes it so there's online leaderboards, and there are also other achievements for doing all kinds of stuff.

But what's the game about? Well, in it, you're a creature that in my head resembles a cat, and once you press the "How to play" menu, it tells you, you can move left and right, jump, and shoot upwards, you should get the +, avoid the -, kill the bats and spare the angels. Sounds simple right? Is because it is, that is all there is to it.

But then, even though the essence is simple, the game hasn't even begun. There are 2 game modes, infinite time and 5 minutes rush, and there's where the fun begins.

The game consists of different scenarios in which you need to do different stuff to, well, do what the how to play tells you, some scenarios you're going up, some you're going down, some are really a platformer where you jump from platform to platform, doing, well, you know :p. That makes the game very diverse, and fast paced at the same time, as, well you have time in each level to do your thing, and doing it perfectly grants you a bonus at the end of the level, but more on that soon. If all that wasn't enough, the scenarios by themselves are randomly generated (either that or there are TONS of variations to the same essence) giving it a great replay value.

But, why would you replay it? Well, I said it is a highscore based game, and the better you get, the higher your score goes, as always, but here there's something more, the way the score multipliers work. Once you gather enough kills and +s, you start filling little squares on your top right corner, once they're filled, the multiplier works until you get hit, or do something you're not supposed to do, the multipliers are x2, x5 and eventually x10. But wait, not only are there multipliers, but each time you successfully change one, the world changes, from the colorful default one, to a blurry one, to a retro looks like you're playing on an original GB one, and even to something that feels pulled out of the Matrix. It really is a blast just to look at it, and saying that from a retro game is a lot :p.

Bottom line is you'll get hooked by this for a good time, it is pretty, it is addictive and it plays well. And if there were an Arcade machine with this back in the day, well, I'd have spent a LOT more of my father's money playing this.

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