Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Pro Zombie Soccer

Soccer games... current status? Infesting the AppStore. And that should continue for like a month, until the World Cup is done. I mean seriously, they put all kinds of crap on the store and then add a soccer ball and think it is gonna sell just because of it, next thing we're gonna see is a copy of labyrinth with a soccer ball and say "omg get the ball to the stadium before the game starts". Even the more decent game devs have released subpar soccer games just to make a buck(I'm looking at you Gamevil).

Good thing is, not every game dev is like that, some actually develop a decent game, like in the case of this one.

The storyline is simple, you are a rejected soccer player that got bitten by a Zombie and now you want revenge and to stop them all. Yes, same storyline as always, stop the evil, save mankind, but believe me, it is told in such a way that it'll have you laugh more than once, really nice twist in an overly used excuse for a storyline.

How do you plan on stopping them? By smashing them with you soccer ball. The gameplay is rather simple, you're in a field with the ball at your feet, there's a circular thingy behind your player which you use to aim, and an arrow in front of the ball that helps you see the direction in which the ball will go. From that point, you just let go, shoot, and bam dead (again) zombie!

But a gameplay like that could get old fast, and we all know that, that's why to spice things up, there are different kinds of zombies that need to be killed in different ways, move in different speeds and require a different number of shots to kill. If that isn't enough there's a combo system that starts with headshots, the more headshots you do in a row, the higher the score multiplier (up to x10) missing the headshot will end your combo, but as not every zombie is killed with a headshot, the game is made forgiving in that, killing those without a headshot wont affect your combo and will keep them at the current multiplier, so yeah, if you lose your combo is your fault.

Not enough for you? Well, there's also a special shot system. Every time your kill a zombie, a yellow bar starts filling, and when it is full you have the choice of 3 awesome supershots (which I won't get into as they're part of the fun, but believe me they're all awesome). You'd think you'd stick to one and go with it for the rest of the game, and well, you can do that, but there's so much depth in the game that if you use them correctly you can totally skyrockets the score, adding a really interesting strategy to the whole package.

But no... you want more as you think the gameplay will get repetitive? Well, not really, because the devs have managed to even fix that. Every so many levels, a new mechanic or spin will be added to the initial formula to keep it fresh, so believe me, you will stay hooked to the game until you're done with it, and then some (since an extra difficulty and survival mode are added after you finish the game once).

Bottom-line is, amongst so many crappy soccer games out these days, someone really got it right, and the end result is a really fun and addictive game that will keep you hooked to it for quite some time. So if you went to the trouble of reading all this, go do yourself a favor and just get it. NOW!

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