Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: Soccer SuperStars

Gamevil... Known for RPGs like Zenonia and Hybrid, and the top seller Baseball SuperStars (2009 and 2010). This time, due to (most likely) the world cup, GV ventured itself in the world of soccer.

You'd probably be thinking "OMG BSS but with Soccer! Amazing!" Well, not really, but please read on.

In SSS (or SS) you have exactly the same options that you'd find in your BS game, Exhibition, Cup, Dramatic (Challenge), and the most important... " My League". In this one, as in BS, you create your own player, put it on a team and improve its stats and win games. But the short comings start even there. You're met, not with a customizable character a la BS, but with a miniature of a player, in which the customizations can't even be differentiated amongst them other than from color, so your unique player ends up being generic player #2112. But then you say "but the rest must be awesome fun!" Well, depends. Gone are the random events that would ef you up in BS, most of the events in SS only have 2 choices, and it is pretty damn obvious which one is the good choice. Gone is also your rival, that would ensue some really great and difficult gameplay scenes. And also, gone is the ability to choose which kind of player you want to be. Yes, you can be a power, speed, technique or stamina player, but you'll always be the striker, you have no other choice. So yes, My League has been dumbed down.

Now on to the gameplay of soccer itself. Well, it sucks. Is like GV got a random generic soccer game from ages ago, copied the code, pasted, and added the condition arrow that is somewhat new. The animations suck, the controls suck, and the responsiveness, well, also suck, it takes ages for your character to pass the ball (whereas the computer does it instantly) and, due to the fact that you can hold to charge, there's an added problem. If by any chance the moment you are charging, you decide to go on another direction, stop moving, go faster, or breathe... well, the charge is now gone and you have to start over. Not to mention the fact that it takes ages for you to rob a ball, but the computer can even do so from a distance, AND! If you detail it very closely, you can see that you are charged for a fault before doing it (but already having pressed the button to do it), same goes for the goal kick.

This game really feels like GV knows nothing about football, not only in what I've mentioned, but also in the fact that, due to the WC, the teams in game are not fake teams, but real ones from actual countries, BUT, none of the players have their real names, so yeah, it is only a pseudo cover of fake teams.

Bottom line? Do not buy this, really, GV needs to put some major updates out there in order to fix this game for it to be playable. Is it fun? Well, only if you can make it past ALL of those problems, so yeah, 90% of the people won't like it.

I hope GV does some serious research and puts a major update out for this, for free, as good as it should've been to begin with. Otherwise, it seems this game was as rushed as the 1st release of Z2, which makes it 2 in a row of failures for Gamevil.

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