Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review: Bombardier's Guild

Yes yes, I know that's an old game, but sometimes they don't get the highlight they deserve, and I really think this one deserves a lot of it.

BG is in a genre in its own, it is unlike anything, but if I had to describe it would be like, Worms, 1 v 1, with physics on steroids. In actual description, the game consists of 2 cannons, one yours and one of the enemy, localized in opposed positions in space. You shoot trajectiles, which are... well, missiles that are affected by gravity (like every missile), so far, pretty straightforward, right? Well, it gets complicated when you add planets with their own gravity in the middle of them, and that affects the path of the trajectiles, by a lot.

To avoid spamming, you can only have 1 trajectile fired at a time, and you objective is to destroy the other cannon. Although it starts easy (campaign wise), in the end each cannon has 2 shields, so potentially you need to shoot it 3 times, but not only that, but 3 times with different power. You see, due to the gravity of the planets, the more the trajectiles are wiggling around the pace, the stronger they get, and you need that, as the shields, to be powered destoryed need a single, very powerful shot, which means you're gonna have to play with the planets to get a very powerful shot to win.

Simple concept, hard execution. But how does that play out? In a few words, it comes from easy to very hard (at least for me) but it never stops being addictive. So addictive that I've come up with the term "frustratingly addictive" as, sometimes you just see yourself getting killed once and another time, but that never stops you from coming back to get a little bit more.

The game itself has a very unique GUI, and it all works out as to immerse you into the BG's universe, where they treat you like a trainee climbing up the skill ladder, rating your skills, the power of your shots and the achievements you... well.. achieve. And god it is a big ladder, with 3 difficulties that you scale slowly, in the beginning it is just mission based, but in the end, not only you have to win, but to win enough so that your rating goes up and you can go on the next challenge.

And if that wasn't all, it also allows for same-screen vs play, delivering truly a complete package.

Yes, I know, this isn't my best review, but this isn't the easiest game to describe. There are so many elements in this game, that even if this review didnt convince you, you still should check out the lite, and if it did convince you, well, you're in for a blast.

Bottom line: if you like being challenged and you like getting addicted to games, this is by far, really worth the 1.99, if not, check the lite.

Lite Version
Full Version

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