Saturday, April 3, 2010

Review: Zombie Smash

I don't know about you, but as for me, I got my iPod Touch almost a year ago. At that time, I knew nothing about the AppStore, how it worked, nothing, but an App had won me over, that app, was Knights Onrush. I loved the concept of flicking baddies to kill them, back then, the only TD I had ever played was Plants vs. Zombies on my PC, so I knew pretty much nothing about the genre, which made it all the better.

Problems came, in the form of lazy developers, who abandoned the game when they had promised so much more, leaving us, the ignorants of the AppStore ways, to regret and hate them. But then, along came Zombie Smash, with essentially the same formula, to recover what other devs had stupidly let go.

Zombie Smash is a game in the same line of though as KoR. Here, you are protecting you house from a zombie attack, but this game does that so much better. With the implementation of multitouch, the game allows you to defend from zombies coming from both sides of the house, ending up in a much more frantic and fast paced experience.

As you'd expect, the game is full with different types of zombies, from the very simple ones, to the omg pain in the ass get rid of them first or you'll lose, to really make it a complete experience. Add to that a plethora of upgradable items to defend yourself (because, after all you are only human and so are your fingers) and you're into a very addictive and enjoyable game that consists of 31 levels of non stop zombie defending action. Too easy? Well, there's even a hard mode and achievements if you want to come for more.

All in all I truly recommend this game as it is very addictive and very enjoyable, even if you're tired of TD games, this game is different enough to feel new and give you that cool feeling that only games that are doing something right can give you. So what are you waiting? It is currently in a .99 easter sale, so go get it. Even if you miss it, the full price, 1.99, is well worth it.

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