Monday, April 19, 2010

Review: IMO

Long time since I posted here and I don't want to abandon it (consider this a hobby) so I'll do a quick review about the game that is keeping me from making more reviews: IMO.

Yes, the 1st *real* MMORPG is finally in the AppStore, yes, it is a port from a korean mobile game, but this is so much fun, that who cares!

I say 1st because text based games doesnt really give the same feeling, and lobby based games are not as fun as open world where you can actually see everyone around.

Ok, now into the game. In IMO you get to choose 1 of 3 classes, mage, warrior or archer. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and a HUGE ammount of skills, going up to level 50. You start by distributing points into the different stats, but be warned, they're permanent and will affect you characters growth for the rest of the game, so be sure to check com2us' guides on that matter. After that a rather small screen for a bit of char customization, and you're thrown into the world.

So far the world is not complete, some shops are still closed, but the highest lvl maps go as far as lv 50 (the current cap) so don't get fooled by the map of the initial areas, there's much more underneath them, making the game have a huge ammount of contect from the start.
Additionally, Each 2 hrs there's a war amongst the 2 factions, where you get fame points and loot exchangeable for equips. other than that you can follow a (rather simple) storyline, and yes, grind. But the world is so involving, and there's so much people that soon you'll find yourself chatting, buying and selling and get even more into it.

It is rather hard to explain what makes a MMORPG any good, it is a genre you either like or you don't, due to the fact that it needs dedication (in the form of grinding and rare loot) but hell, if you're gonna get any MMO a chance, might as well be IMO, after all it IS free and you only need to pay if you feel like checking the market (not neccesary at all to enjoy the game, but a good source of money).

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